In previous Fedora distros was (IMHO) right way to log only to syslog,
without journald and its (for me) unwanted annoying binary logs, by using
configuration as:

*) Set systemd log target to syslog:
systemd.log_target=syslog (syslog-or-kmsg)  ---- on kernel cmdline
systemd.default_standard_output=syslog      --/
LogTarget=syslog                            ---- in systemd.conf
DefaultStandardOutput=syslog                --/

*) configuring rsyslog to listen on /dev/log unix socket:
$SystemLogSocketName /dev/log                     ------ in rsyslog.conf
$ModLoad imuxsock                                 ----/
$OmitLocalLogging off                             ---/
$AddUnixListenSocket /run/systemd/journal/syslog  --/(legacy directives)
$AddUnixListenSocket /run/systemd/journal/socket  -/
$AddUnixListenSocket /run/systemd/journal/stdout  /
(not sure when all last three directives needed)

*) prevent to run journald:
systemctl mask systemd-journald.service
(and maybe mask systemd-journal-flush.service)

And it works fine.
But in actual Fedora 24 in systemd man page values syslog-or-kmsg and
syslog are missing in LogTarget option. As systemd/journald man pages
say hardly anything about exact mean of appropriate configuration for
this purpose, then please when someone more knowledgeable can advise:

- where to direct the systemd output? Maybe to kmsg an then read it in
rsyslog via imklog?
(rsyslog should have also imkmsg module, but is not in rsyslog-8.12.0-3.fc24)

- what about /run/log/journal/.../system.journal ?
On my test F24 system it have open rsyslogd, abrt-dump-journal-oops and
abrt-dump-journal-xorg (no need for these last two) processes. Uses it
also something else?

- what about /run/systemd/journal/{dev-log,socket,stdout} unix sockets?
Should rsyslogd listen on them?

- /dev/log seems be now symlink to /run/systemd/journal/dev-log socket
(as defined by systemd-journald-dev-log.socket) Should it be left
(because now something sends to /run/systemd/journal/dev-log), or can
be /run/systemd/journal/dev-log removed?

Thanks in advance for some clarification about this.
Franta Hanzlik
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