I don't know if this is a fedora question or not, but I'm hoping it's an 
OS-level config issue.

I have a laptop that runs Fedora 24, and a virtual machine with CentOS that I 
use as my mailserver.  I'm an old fogey who doesn't like all this multimedia 
mail stuff, so I still use pine/alpine and text emails.

The problem is this.  When I ssh to my virtual machine from my laptop and run 
pine, it will work for a few minutes and then hang. If I close the terminal 
(which kills pine) and ssh in again, it works again -- for a few minutes.  Then 
it hangs.

I don't *think* it's a pine/alpine issue itself. If I come in using shellinabox 
and open pine using a browser terminal, it doesn't happen.  If I use some other 
client, e.g. roundcube, it doesn't happen.

If I just ssh in and do other stuff, it doesn't hang.

Finally, it only happens at work.  My workplace has a very restricted wired network and a 
very open wireless network.  We are supposed to "work" on the wired network and 
attach our cellphones and private laptops to the wireless network, which solves a lot of 
social engineering type security issues. If you want to do streaming media, or download 
cute stuff, don't use the work box -- use your own.  So, the problem occurs on this 
wireless system.  It doesn't seem to happen when I connect from my wireless at home.

Any pointers?  It's very frustrating...

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