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> I'm using kernel-4.6.6-300.fc24.x86_64 with the proprietary NVidia
> driver, plus daily updates from the stable repos. Hibernation used to
> work with previous kernels, but now regularly fails to wake up
> properly, i.e. on restarting I get the BIOS screen followed by the boot
> text console and select the first (newest) option as usual. So far so
> good. Then after a few seconds I see the BIOS again, repeat the
> selection, and get a full reboot.
> Anyone else seeing this?

I have been seeing this once in a while over the past two weeks. (And I do not 
have a NVidia card or driver.) However, in my case, it just reboots.

Initially, I thought that maybe I had run out of battery (even though this did 
not make sense), but the day before (when it last happened), I noticed that the 
battery was at 100% when it booted in. So, I had the same thought, and have 
been thinking of moving to the vanilla kernel (where hibernate works out of the 
box) since Fedora has decided that they and not the user should decide that we 
should not have support for hibernation (a decision which I am very 
disappointed with -- per reasoning below). 

This decision has the potential to essentially kill hibernation in the 
long-term because fewer people will use it if something requires additional 
work to get it going (as happens with Fedora and I think Ubuntu). As a result, 
less people will be catching bugs and even fewer will be reporting them (of 
course, reporting within Fedora may not even be allowed anymore since it is 
disabled by default). 

Hibernation besides, being environmentally friendly, also is often, when you 
are taking a long trip in the middle of nowhere, the only way to get your 
battery to last while working. 

Anyway, sorry for expressing my disappointment.

Best wishes,

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