On Thu, 13 Oct 2016 12:08:06 -0700
Howard Howell <hlhow...@pacbell.net> wrote:

> > > radeon: Failed to deallocate virtual address for buffer:
> > > radeon:    size      : 4096 bytes
> > > radeon:    va        : 0x884000
> > > Segmentation fault (core dumped)  

> Ok, I tried the previous kernel, and had no luck.  

Then, it is likely not a kernel issue.  Was the error the same?

> I just remembered that I attempted to delete a package from my system
> and it started to erase things, but I stopped it.  This may have done
> the damage.  This was a real screw-up on my part, and so I don't think
> a bugzilla is the correct action.

Did you try re-installing the package(s) that you think caused the
dnf reinstall [package]
There should be a record of them in the dnf logs (/var/log/dnf*.log)
That would put everything back the way it was before the delete (minus
any configuration customization).

> However if the Kernel is the location, is the radeon package in a
> separate file?  If it is, what could I reinstall to recover that
> driver?

The radeon driver is built into all stock Fedora kernels, so it is
always there.  And a reboot always loads it fresh, so unless it was
damaged on the disk in both kernels, it is probably not the problem.
Is it possible you have a failing hard disk?  You should be seeing
warning messages if it is.

Is it possible that the video card itself is flaky?  Is anything else
failing occasionally?  Is it really dusty?

You could try a reinstall of pycam, in case it has been damaged.  It
hasn't changed in ages, so there is no newer version to worry about.
Is there any configuration that might have been accidentally changed?

Are there any errors showing up in the logs when you try the pycam
command and it fails? You can try  dmesg  or  journalctl -r  which shows
log messages in reverse time order.

Obviously, something changed, it's just figuring out what it is.
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