for my own benefit, i'd like to write a short wiki page on the
variety of (ideally fedora-packaged) solutions to how to combine
multiple git repos into a single build environment. preferably, these
solutions would either be part of git proper, or come in git-related
rpm files as easy additional package installations. i'm also open to
third-party solutions (say, hosted at github or sourceforge) that
might be yet another solution.

  the first choices are obvious:

  * git submodules
  * git subtrees
  * google's "repo" command
  * gitslave? (
  * git-subdir? (
  * etc, etc ...

obviously, preference is given to solutions either part of git proper,
or available as git extension packages.

  also, i'm interested in both benefits and drawbacks of any approach
-- for instance, from way back here:

as i was investigating feedback on google's "repo" command, i read

===== snip =====

mindjiver 1628 days ago [-]

Well, since the maintainer of repo wants to kill it off, it is perhaps
not surprising that it is badly maintained at the moment.

exDM69 1628 days ago [-]

Do you have a source for that? If this information is true, I could
use it to help convince our management at work that we should move off
Repo and into Git submodules.

mindjiver 1628 days ago [-]

Not on paper but Shawn Pearce (Gerrit/repo maintainer) said it at
GitTogether 2011. But wanting to kill something off and actually doing
it, they are of course different.

===== end snip =====

  this was the first i'd heard of any indication that "repo" was
deprecated, if that's even true. and that is from way back in 2011.

  anyway, simple links to possible solutions will be just fine, and
i'll take it from there and slap together a wiki page. thanks for any



Robert P. J. Day                                 Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

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