Hi guys.

Dealing with an issue -- waaaaaay off topic fr fed! (but thought I' post,
see if anyone has thoughts..)

I'm dealing with a testing/scraping process of a target site. Collecting
isbn data for college classes. The site has gone to using
obfuscation/encryption/etc.. which requires implementing a
browser/javascript soln to generate the actual content.

The 1st pass test uses headless browser/casperjs to simply get the target
page. This solution works, but is abysmally slow. In fact I can manually
insert the url into a browser and get the returned result faster!

I've seen some articles that imply it's doable to fire off/run a real
browser ff/chrome from the cmd line with the targetd url ,which would then
produce the required output. (But haven't seen any pointers/exmples on how
to accomplish as of yet).

Any thoughts/comments/pointers??


ps/ I'll eventually post to SO (stackoverflow), and i've got some ongoing
initial conversations on a few IRC channels. If you can think of other
places I could check, I'm even thinking of finding a resource that might be
able to "reverse" engineer the obfuscated content (for $$$) if I knew a
good site/resource to approach.
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