On 10/17/2016 07:56 PM, Michael B Allen wrote:
I just got a Dell Latitude E7470. Mostly works with the latest Fedora live.

However, attaching an external monitor to the HDMI port hangs the
machine. I've been using Linux as my primary machine long enough to
know that it smells very much like a driver issue and that the only
way I'm going to get it to work is to try a newer kernel. So ...

Are there any vaguely official RPMs for new(er) kernels?

If not, what is the path-of-least-resistance for building a new(er)
kernel? I can google as well as anybody but if there's a definitive
way, I would appreciate any pointers.

Generally speaking, having used linux since 1989-1990,
I can say it is a poor player with multi-display environments.
Sadly, Windoze seems to do a better job at this.
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