On 10/18/16 22:10, John Horne wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to connect my Fedora 24 laptop to a Fortinet SSL VPN
> service using NetworkManager. I have
> installed openfortivpn, NetworkManager-fortisslvpn and NetworkManager-
> fortisslvpn-gnome. However, using KDE, clicking on the networks icon on
> the toolbar, and then the 'Configure network connections...' icon shows
> my devices and connections. If I click on 'Add', under 'VPN' it shows
> VPN types openconnect, vpnc and openswan, but nothing about Fortinet.
> As anyone got this working and created a connection to a Fortinet
> device using NetworkManager?

I don't use that VPN type.

But I installed those packages and noted

1.  The VPN type does not appear in KDE as you've said.
2.  The VPN type does appear in GNOME.

So, I guess you should file a bugzilla.

You're Welcome Zachary Quinto
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