On 08/06/2017 02:57 AM, Martín Marqués wrote:
> Interesting thing here. I'm fighting with this problem right now. When
> I click on the video that opens inside the gmail tab I can see it, but
> if I open it in YouTube it says I don't have any HTML5 video support.
> Going to https://www.youtube.com/html5 I get:
>  HTMLVideoElement
>  Media Source Extensions
>  MSE & H.264
>  MSE & WebM VP9
> All the ones from above with the blue check.
> On read the other 2:
>  H.264
>  WebM VP8
> Is this something with YouTube specifically, or does it have to do
> with my FF? And why is it that I can see it inside the gmail tab?

All of the boxes should have a blue check mark.

Try starting firefox from the command line with the --safe-mode option.  You 
may have
an extension causing a problem for you.

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