Hi all,

Long time Linux user, new Fedora user (well, at least since FC 3), so be gentle.

I installed asterisk and dahdi from source and they were working great, but 
when I reboot one of two things happens:

1.  Ownership of /var/lib/asterisk and /var/run/asterisk is reset from group 
"asterisk" to "root".

2.  The /var/run/asterisk folder disappears completely.

If I change them back, my asterisk setup works fine, but after a reboot, one of 
those two happens again.  What could be mucking with my permissions (and 
removing a folder!?) in the boot process?


Robert M. Marmorstein
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Longwood University, Ruffner 329
201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909
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