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 It does not have the pentagons filled
 with color.  This does not make the picture come to
 There might be some mathematica
 notebooks out there, but they are not free, and cannot
 translate to code that we can use such as octave, or
 maxima.  I have found a Geogebra page which does have
 the filled pentagons
 But I would prefer it be in
 metapost.  Not all my machines have texlive, not all of
 them have java as well.  I hope that with a bit of
 time, someone who knows metapost can help translate the code
 from the hoist point website which is more precise.  Or
 a more solidly colored geogebra one.  
I have found the following page which may help generate  a nice looking soccer 


Problem it is for mathematica, converting to maxima, octave, plain gnuplot, or 
metapost would be optimal.

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