On 08/07/2017 02:30 PM, Stephen Morris wrote:
> On 8/5/17 5:36 PM, Tim wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Have we got to the stage where the default install options for Fedora
>> 26 work fine with a SSD, or should I be tweaking something?
>> At the moment I've let it install with whatever parameters it does by
>> itself.  All I did was change from using LVM to EXT4 (I see absolutely
>> no advantage to using LVM on a single-disc computer, and a lot of
>> serious annoyances should I pull out a drive to read it on another
>> computer).  And went with the boot, system root, and swap partitions
>> that it offers.

For many users, LVM is somewhat irrelevant. I use LVM because I often
end up expanding filesystems by adding PVs to the VGs the LVs are built
on (lots of acronyms there!), but my use cases are outside the normal
desktop users.

The "annoyances" when moving the drive to another system can be reduced
by naming the LVs logically--typically I use the host name as part of
the LV and VG names. Therefore if I have to move an LV from host
"bigdog" to host "hamster" there's little chance of a name collision.

> I have been using Windows Drive C, Fedora /boot and Ubuntu /boot, all on
> the same SSD since Fedora 24 and haven't had any issues with
> functionality of that setup.

My recommendations for SSD:

        Use ext4 filesystems (they don't poke the journal as much as
        JFS or Btrfs).

        Reduce swappiness ("vm.swappiness=1" in /etc/sysctl.conf)

        Put things that change a lot (swap, /var/log, /tmp) on rotating
        media or RAMdisk to reduce writes to SSD

        Use fstrim periodically

And MOST important:

        Back the sucker up REGULARLY AND OFTEN! SSDs tend to die
        suddenly and typically without much warning and it's quite
        difficult (if not impossible) to recover any data on them.

I like SSDs. I like their speed. I don't trust them much with critical
data. I back up my SSDs every night to rotating media. Yes, I'm
paranoid, but it only takes one unrecoverable SSD to make one as crazy
as I am.

I have to leave now. The nice men in the white coats are here...
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