Let me further add that neither Fedora 26 Live or Fedora 26 XFCE work. 
I had to install Fedora 25 and then upgrade with dnf to Fedora 26. 
Nautilus has become so limited that I switched to nemo. 
It is a shame! 

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> Gentle People:

> I hate to interrupt your Fedora 26 party, but well here goes a dose
> of reality from the

> 1) First of all F26's performance is very poor. its a CPU hog and
> DRAM ! I installed F26 in a Virtual Box (VBox)
> on a two processor machine and it is so slow that it is barely
> usable. In the same environment CentOS performs
> with quite excellent performance. You have a massive performance
> problem here!

> 2) Your new menu system is a joke. I use the system for application
> code development so I want Text Editor
> windows and shells. Why did you hide these in the basement and the
> very bottom of the menu system?
> Also your menus are slow and cumbersome. What was wrong with the
> previous menu system? Is this simply
> change for the sake of change? Have your group been taken over by
> Marketing?

> 3) Look and feel. Why in the name of hell did you want this look and
> feel? I use Linux for application code
> development. I want Text Editors, shell Windows, gcc, gdb , and ddd.
> Why are all the engineering tools hidden?
> If I wanted the look and feel of Windows I would buy windows!

> 4) Text Editor: Go back to the old one it works way better!

> 5) Your new Services configuration is a blithering disaster! Please
> bring back the configuration GUIs for
> Services and Users. Keep in mind here I am not a Linux System
> administrator! I am a user! I perform
> a complex configuration of user and group numbers to maintain NFS
> compatibility with Solaris.
> This configuration is difficult even with the GUIs, without them
> forget it.

> 6) Cut and paste: I don't know what you did to that! (Well it use to
> work)! P.S. Solaris has a great User I/F
> GUI for cut and paste.

> 6) Yum and rpm: Please print to the screen the directories where S/W
> is installed. So that I don't have to
> waste time going looking for it.

> time you change the configuration
> methodology we the users have to waste hours and even days learning
> the new configuration methodology.

> 8) Are you on drugs? What in the hell gave you the insane idea that a
> command line interface for configuration
> was some how better that a GUI?

> Please consider carefully the possibility that you are going in the
> wrong direction!

> Overall I continue to be disappointed in Fedora and thank heavens for
> CentOS.

> Thomas Dineen

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