On 08/09/2017 02:27 PM, Rick Stevens wrote:
Right below those "part" definitions, you see "raid" definitions where
those labels are normally used. In your case,

        raid / --device=root --fstype=ext4 --level=raid1 --useexisting

tells the system to use the first two devices in the "part" section
(/dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1) as a RAID1, format it as ext4 and mount it at
"/". Since no partitions are specified, it uses the first two in the
"part" section.

Is that documented somewhere? I've never seen that behavior described in the kickstart documentation, and I was curious enough to test it. If I provide a "raid" specification with no partitions, installation of CentOS fails with an error that reads "Partitions required for raid".

I didn't test Fedora, but the documentation for the "raid" command in both appears to be the same.
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