Allegedly, on or about 12 August 2017, Ted Roche sent:
> I found the following suggestion [1] for converting SWF to MP4 using
> gnash and ffmpeg, but gnash doesn't appear to be available in the
> Fedora repos any more.

If ffmpeg can play/input the SWF by itself, then you should be able to
use it to transcode the SWF by itself.

mplayer can play SWF files, and it's partner mencoder can be used to
transcode media files.

VLC can (or did when I tried yonks ago) also play and transcode.

There are various Firefox plugins that can download and convert flash
videos, if your files are on a webserver it ought to be able to do it
for you.  Perhaps even if they're locally loaded files.  Though you'll
probably need to write a webpage to go around them.

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