Allegedly, on or about 11 August 2017, Wells, Roger K. sent:
> However within the "Printers" application available from Gnome "All 
> Settings"  the 4630 "Printer Details" shows the printer address as 
> "localhost" (even though Cups shows the correct address) and any
> attempt to print from an application, e.g. LibreOffite Writer fails.

I'm wondering if now (referring to later messages in the thread) that
you've got printing working again, do you still see erroneous printer
addresses listed?

On my Fedora 26 system, CUPS is stuffing up, and I see that the
information listed about each printer is wrong.  For example. I see

Queue name: steamy
Description: HP LaserJet P3015
Location: (Port: 631)
Make and model: Remote printer: HP LaserJet Series CUPS v1.1
Status: Idle

But "location" should actually be showing the location information that
I've set into CUPs (the name of the room the printer is sitting in),
not the network address of the printer.  What it's doing is the wrong
use of the location field.  Location is human information for users to
be able to locate the right printer to get their prints from.

And the "Make and Model" should really be a description of the printer,
too, not the driver info.  Though that is what the CUPS server (a very
old installation) does say on its own page.

The old CUPS' server page says this:

HP LaserJet Series CUPS v1.1
Description:  HP LaserJet P3015
Location:  dining room
Printer State:  stopped, accepting jobs.
"Unable to locate printer 'steamy' - Unknown host"
Device URI:  socket://steamy

The printer *is* switched off, at the moment, and has been off for
sufficient time for my network to abandon it.  It's address is doled
out by the DHCP server, which automatically reprograms my DNS server as
addresses change.  Hence the warning notice.

"steamy" is it's hostname, and what I called the print queue for it. 
It got so named because the first time I tried printing with it,
someone had left damp paper in the hopper.  The first test prints came
amount with an amusingly large amount of white smoke, that turned out
to be water vapour.  It looked like the magic puff of smoke you'd see a
conjurer use.
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