I'm trying to install F26 on an i386 system with a single 119Gb SSD.
It previously had F22 installed, with a straightforward partitioning scheme:

    sda1 ext4 500Mb /boot
    sda2 LVM        encrypted, and containing /, swap, /home

I booted off Fedora-Workstation-Live-i386-26-1.5.iso, and in the
installer, I selected:

    Storage Configuration: automatic
    ticked: "I would like to make additional space available"
    ticked: "Encrypt my data"

I then chose an encryption password, then the "Reclaim disk space"
dialogue appeared. I selected
    Delete all
but the "Reclaim space" button remains greyed out 

The "reclaim disk space" screen shows:

    disk                 name   filesystem reclaimable space  action
    -----------------    ----   ---------- -----------------  ------
    119.2 GiB ATA ...    sda    (blank)    118.94 GiB total    Delete
      ext4               sda1   ext4       187MiB of 500 MiB   Delete
      fedora             sda2   LVM        not resizable       Delete
      Free space                           1.3 MiB

Ay the bottom of the screen it has:

    LHS: 1 disk: 118.94 GiB reclaimable space
    RHS: Total selected space to reclaim: 3.24 GiB
         Installation requires a total of 5.59 GiB for system data

Then there is Cancel button and an inactive (greyed out) "Reclaim space"

Any ideas how to proceed from here?
For this install I'm happy to for the current disk contents to be
completely blown away and for Fedora to partition the whole disk as it sees fit.

My get-up-and-go just got up and went.
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