On 02/02/18 15:42, Terry Barnaby wrote:
> On 02/02/18 00:41, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> I've not tried this since I don't have a need for ypbind.
>> One may also consider copying /lib/systemd/system/ypbind.service to
>> /etc/systemd/system and then inserting the line,
>> ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/sleep 5
>>  From the systemd documentation
>> ExecStart= commands are only run after all ExecStartPre= commands that were 
>> not
>> prefixed with a "-" exit successfully.
> Thanks I will try this out, but it would be nice to get it fixed properly in 
> Fedora27.
> Could it be due to "target Network is Online" being triggered by IPv6 being
> configured first ? I don't use IPv6, but I guess the system could be setting 
> this
> up somehow by default.
I will admit to having stayed away from the "Network-Online" discussions as they
often devolve into rants against systemd.  

But, another thing you can try is to modify the 
NetworkManager-wait-online.service by
making a copy of it in /etc/systemd/system and changing the line,

ExecStart=/usr/bin/nm-online -s -q --timeout=30


ExecStart=/usr/bin/nm-online q --timeout=30

Check out the man page for nm-online to see how it operates with and without 
I'm speculating that with the -s the dhcp processes may not be fully completed 
the ypbind process is started.

You many want to check out the archives of this list for past "discussions" 
similar lines. 

A motto of mine is: When in doubt, try it out

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