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> Looking to completely duplicate/replicate one server to
> another.Running Centos/Fed. I've seen a number of different
> articles/etc on different ways of doing this.
> Assuming I'm not using chef/puppet/ansible/etc can anyone give
> thoughts on best approaches for this. Articles are cool as well.
> Key Items:
> -Need to Maintain same users/passwds
> -Need to maintain all dirs/files heirarchy
> -Need all system/3rd party processes/apps running
> -All config/cron files
> -All port/db/ssh functions..
> I'm testing the process to do this on cheap cloud vms so I can screw
> up as I figure out best approach for this.
> Thoughts/comments?

I would use
# rsync -C -x -u -a -v -A -X / /[new mount point without a trailing /]

You will have to clean up /boot and /etc/fstab so it will boot properly.

You can read the rsync docs to see what it is doing.
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