On 02/02/2018 04:29 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   one of my new year's resolutions was to digitize several hundred
> music CDs in preparation for figuring out what system to use in the
> domicile to play them, but regardless of how i decide to eventually
> play these CDs, i'm looking for recommendations for how to rip them to
> hard drive before i decide how i will end up using them.
>   given the cheapness of hard drives (and that i have a QNAP NAS
> anyway), i don't really care about disk usage, so i figured on ripping
> all of those CDs using (lossless) FLAC format, and i can decide down
> the road whether to convert them to a different format to save on
> space.
>   in short, any recommendations on simply ripping all these CDs to
> hard drive, while having no idea what i will eventually use to play
> them?

I ripped all my CDs to flac in an m4a wrapper with Grip and play them on
my computer with Amarok. However, I also installed Plex Media Server on
my FreeNAS box.  The files are actually on FreeNAS, shared to my
computer via NFS.  I then installed the Plex app on my Roku, so I can
play them using through our home theater system as well.  Currently,
there are about 12,000 tracks.

Disk space is cheap. Rip to a lossless format.

Ripping CDs is incredibly boring.

-- Steve
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