On Sun, 4 Feb 2018, Ed Greshko wrote:

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> What makes sense to me is to first select a few individual tracks
> with different types of music.  For example, if you have classical,
> pick a few with quiet movements with only strings, those with lots
> of highs, etc.  Then record and listen to all of those in various
> formats.  Even better if you have have someone play them for you in
> different formats to see if you can tell the difference.
> I've found that folks have a tendency to overvalue lossless formats
> but in fact their ears aren't up to the task...

  my initial plan was to rip them all to FLAC, simply because the
major investment here is the time doing all the ripping, at which
point i'll have them all in lossless FLAC format and i can decide down
the road if i want to do any further conversion, which i assume i
should be able to do with a simple shell script.

  or given that disk space really isn't an issue these days, i can
just leave them in FLAC format. in any event, for now, i just want to
avoid doing hours of ripping, only to have to go back later for some
reason and do it all over again, and FLAC seems like the safest bet.

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