Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> On 02/04/2018 08:34 AM, Todd Zullinger wrote:
>> The problem wasn't that it was silent.  It was that it was a
>> long(ish)-running process that was not suited to run as a
>> scriptlet.  It's better done via cron or as it is now as a
>> transient systemd-run service.
> And does this actually work?
> I recently was facing situations where this mandb stuff hit midst of
> shutdown, when all mounted files already where unmounted, delaying shutdowns
> be some 10-15mins.
> I haven't investigated, but I was inclined to blame systemd's unreliabily
> and lack of robustness ;)

I'm certainly not here to defend systemd's use for seemingly
everything. :)

All I care about in this situation is quieting the useless
and confusing output from the man-db file trigger
scriptlet's use of systemd-run.  Doing that is a good step
and doesn't interfere at all with subsequent work to improve
the output from rpm/dnf while handling these transaction
triggers, scriptlets, etc.

>> Anyway, I think the current output is unintentional.
> I think, the output needs to be more verbose and consider the current output
> to be non-helpful.

It may well be better to have more defaults in the rpm
transaction to alert the user when it's running triggers or
something, but that is something which most likely needs to
happen in rpm/dnf rather than in this particular scriptlet.
What we have here is the output of a scriptlet calling:

/usr/bin/systemd-run /usr/bin/systemctl start man-db-cache-update

We're only getting systemd-run/systemctl output, which is of
very dubious value (and that value only goes down as more
scriptlets run via this method).  Knowing that a file
trigger was running the man-db scriptlet would be better,
but that's a slightly different matter.

Ninety percent of everything is crap.
    -- Sturgeon's Law

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