On 02/04/2018 12:02 PM, Robert McBroom wrote:
about transfer of the permissions on the files.    However, createrepo gets into trouble and gives errors of the form

C_CREATEREPOLIB: Warning: Cannot copy Packages/repodata/1f3b3f3f1e6f83cd3ce15c483203d0233352bef2c1fb9bdc84cf264c24637984-other.sqlite.bz2 -> Packages/.repodata/1f3b3f3f1e6f83cd3ce15c483203d0233352bef2c1fb9bdc84cf264c24637984-other.sqlite.bz2: cp: preserving permissions for ?Packages/.repodata/1f3b3f3f1e6f83cd3ce15c483203d0233352bef2c1fb9bdc84cf264c24637984-other.sqlite.bz2?: Permission denied : Child process exited with code 1

I would suggest running createrepo with strace to find out exactly which operation is failing.

strace -s200 -f -o /tmp/createrepo.trace createrepo .

This will create a lot of output in the file /tmp/createrepo.trace. Search through it for the "Cannot copy" text and somewhere before that should be the failing syscall. If you can't find it, then upload the trace file somewhere and I'll look at it.
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