Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2018 21:57:31 -0800
From: Samuel Sieb <>
Subject: Re: CUPS - Some apps can't print
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On 02/08/2018 09:38 PM, Philip Rhoades wrote:
I posted a "SOLVED" followup - this fixed the problem:

   dnf update cups-filters

   systemctl restart cups

Sorry about that.  It was further down in my inbox so I didn't see that
until after I sent my reply.  It would have been better if you had
replied in that thread so that the messages would be together in
people's inboxes and in the archives.

Hmm . . not sure what happened - I just did what I normally do (which used to work):

- reply to the list

- change the subject appropriately

- edit out extraneous digest stuff and add my response to the appropriate thread

That should have retained whatever threading was involved?

Now that I think about it . . I'm not sure how that CAN work . .

Philip Rhoades

PO Box 896
Cowra  NSW  2794
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