On 02/09/18 22:13, François Patte wrote:
> Seems to be an empirical way to solve the problem! Nobody knows what is
> responsible for such a message (Authenticate result for user cath  :
> User not known to the underlying authentication module)? What is this
> module and how to inform it that a new user was added?

Well, since I am the only one who has responded to your query and since I only 
what I have found by using google, I guess nobody knows for sure what is 
causing the

At this point are you more interested in getting that user logged in under 
lightdm or
finding out why they have been unable to?

>> Oh, before that, what is the numeric UID and GID of the user?  If it is less 
>> than
>> 1000 it may cause issues.
>> 3000

OK, so that isn't the issue.

So, have you attempted what I have proposed?   Sometimes getting something to 
work is
more important than finding out why something doesn't work.

A motto of mine is: When in doubt, try it out

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