On 02/08/2018 10:13 PM, Samuel Sieb wrote:
> On 02/08/2018 01:44 PM, Stephen Morris wrote:
>> Just as a slightly off topic question regarding /boot, in /boot I have
>> an efi sub-directory. Why is this when I am booting Fedora 27, Ubuntu
>> 17.10 and Windows 10 with the bios configured as legacy mode and
>> Ubuntu doesn't have an efi directory in /boot, nor have I installed
>> Fedora 27 as efi?
> That's a good question.  I have that as well on a laptop that doesn't
> even support EFI.  That directory isn't owned by anything either.  This
> laptop has been through a lot of Fedora releases though, so maybe that
> directory was created by a previous release.

IIRC, /boot/efi/* is created by the initial anaconda install sequence
and is in place in case you use UEFI at some point in the future. Since
it's only about 15MB in size, it's pretty innocuous and I wouldn't
worry about it. Ubuntu's install mechanism isn't the same and it
probably doesn't create that directory unless it notices you are in UEFI
boot mode at the time of install.

Which is better? I sorta like Fedora...it's there in case you need it
and it really doesn't take up much space. Your browser cache probably
sucks up more disk than /boot/efi does.
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