On 02/09/2018 03:12 PM, Samuel Sieb wrote:
On 02/09/2018 09:31 AM, JD wrote:
Yes Sam. I tried to restore, and I tried to convert to html.
In both cases, for all the files in bookmarksbackup dir, I
am getting Unable to process the backup file.

I'm confused about how you're trying to do the convert to html. You should open Firefox using the old profile. Go to the bookmarks window and use the "export to html" option. Then in the new profile, you go to the bookmarks window and use the "import from html" option.

I am just not sure how in tarnation all of them could get corrupted????
I even tried to decompress with  "lz4 -d" command,
but the command said:
Error 44 : Unrecognized header : file cannot be decoded

They started using this before there was a standard lz4 header. See https://github.com/avih/dejsonlz4 for a way to uncompress them.
OK, I downloaded the dejsonlz4 tarball, and built it, and used it on one of the backup files.

Now, in order to import it as html, I need to convert it to html first.

I do not see a tool that readily converts json to html.
There are websites that let you paste the json text and they output html text. I have not found sites that let you upload the json file, and give you the url to download the html output file.

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