On 02/09/2018 02:49 PM, bruce wrote:
Doing a test to "clone"/cpy a test vm from a base server to a target server

the user on the base/target server is a basic user.. not in the sudoers file

How do you expect this to work? All the files will be owned by non-root and the system won't work.

from the base server.. the rsync cmd is similar to
   rsync --excludefile='foo.dat' / test_user@

I'm getting a bunch of permission denied/operation denied errs...

Without the actual error messages, it's hard to say what the specific problem is as there are several problems with this. There are many directories that are readable only by root, so those will give you errors on the base side. Unless the target server is empty to start with (which it obviously isn't since you are running things on it), most directories are only writable by root so those will all give you errors as well.

I've turned selinux off on both the base/target server for this process..

Probably unnecessary.

I've thought of iterating through the process and adding to the
exclude file the dirs generating the permission errs..

That will be nearly everything.

Any thoughts on a soln to this?

Also, for legitimate files that are owned by other processes/users
that should be copied. Any thoughts on how to cpy them, without
generating the permission errs?

You can't.  Why don't you just use root to copy?
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