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I'm testing digital ocean creating droplets/snapshots/etc..

I've create droplets, and from them - snapshots which have allowed me
to regenerate additional droplets. Droplets are VM/copies of servers..
Snapshots are compressed images.

Recently, I decided to try to "replicate" a droplet of size X to a
smaller size. For the most part, the process works. I have a smaller
working droplet that I can ping/ssh into.

The issue I'm now facing, is that generating a snapshot, followed by
regenerating a new droplet, seems to fail.

The resulting new droplet has an IP, but pinging/ssh'ing into it fails/hangs.

I'm posting to see if anyone has any clue as to what might be
happening. I suspect that in my rsync process xfering files from the
initial droplet to the new droplet (used for the snapshot) that I may
have screwed up some files that are used for the snapshot to droplet

Just wondering: if you're making droplets from snapshots, why do you need to rsync any files? You're effectively cloning the previous droplet, so all the files should already be there.

Um, how are you defining "smaller"? Less memory? Less disc?

A snapshot with less disc might have a corrupted filesystem if you cut off a portion of the disc with files in it.

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