On 02/13/2018 09:50 AM, Rick Stevens wrote:
Keep in mind that the vast majority of VM implementations use sparse
filesystems (e.g. qcow2). This can confuse the filesystem massively if
you simply take a sparse 60G filesystem (where only 20G is used) and
stick it on a 40G drive. Yes, only 20G is actually used, but the FS
stack thinks it's got all 60G and that can lead to big problems. I'm
not saying that's necessarily your issue, but it's, uhm, "bad practice"
to do that sort of thing.

He's not moving the disk image, he's trying to copy the filesystem from one running vm system to another.

I don't know if you can do it, but you might try to resize the FS in
question down to the size your target droplets are going to have, then
snapshot and restore to the new droplets. I haven't really used Digital
Ocean's environment as we run our own kubernetes, docker and
proxmox/qemu/libvirt clusters. We do have some stuff on AWS and Azure
(which are essentially libvirt-ish environments).

They don't support that.
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