On 02/13/2018 11:50 PM, Ed Greshko wrote:
On 02/14/18 12:29, James wrote:
On 02/13/2018 11:10 PM, Ed Greshko wrote:
On 02/14/18 11:52, James wrote:
On 02/13/2018 10:43 PM, Ed Greshko wrote:

no error(s) and it opens the url


Could you bring up T-bird.  Then find out the PID of
/usr/lib64/thunderbird/thunderbird process.

Then in a terminal session do

strace -p <PID#> -o somefile

And then click on a link.

Then ctrl-C the strace command to quit it.  Then examine what is in the 
"somefile" to
see if you can find anything of interest or upload it so it can be checked.

Also, it seems from my testing, that T-bird gets the information as to what 
from your .config/mimeapps.list.  Can you post yours?

The relevant portion from my strace shows....

openat(AT_FDCWD, "/home/egreshko/.config/kde-mimeapps.list", O_RDONLY) = -1 
(No such file or directory)
openat(AT_FDCWD, "/home/egreshko/.config/mimeapps.list", O_RDONLY) = 79
fstat(79, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0664, st_size=828, ...}) = 0
read(79, "[Added Associations]\napplication"..., 4096) = 828
read(79, "", 4096)                      = 0
close(79)                               = 0
openat(AT_FDCWD, "/usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop", O_RDONLY) = 79
fstat(79, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=8392, ...}) = 0


Well, that's odd.  Your strace file shows no occurrence of "mimeapps" or 

That would seem to suggest there is some sort of T-Bird setting getting in the 
Or, potentially, an extension.....but I don't see any indication of an extension
being called.

I just noticed that in my running T-Bird which I had already opened links from 
doesn't re-read the ~/.config/mimeapps.list file.  (My previous test was in a VM
where T-bird was just started and no link had been clicked on)

So, could you post yours?

the one i posted was already open, a new one is about 2600 lines.
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