i want to put together a wiki page for my students with links to all
of the interesting git-related packages they might want to peruse
after an upcoming course, and i'm looking for what would be the
authoritative web page documenting each RPM package.

  for example, if they wanted to read about "git-extras", a quick
google search found the site "fedora.pkgs.org", and this page:


which is pretty much what i'm after, but i'm assuming the domain
"pkgs.org" is not associated with red hat so i'd rather not use that.

  a few more seconds and i found the equivalent koji page:


again, looks good and clearly affiliated with red hat. but as i
understand it (and i could be wrong), that page is specifically for
version git-extras-4.4.0-2.fc27 so if that package is updated, the
link will still point to the older version.

  is there a generic link i can use for a given fedora package that
will keep up with new versions and just allows students to zip over
there, read up on the package, and decide whether they want to install
it to play with it further? thanks muchly.



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