On 14/2/18 10:05 am, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Wed, 2018-02-14 at 08:08 +1100, Stephen Morris wrote:
So from my perspective the vlc package you had problems with works fine
on my system.

The packages I have installed are:

bash-4.4$ rpm -qa vlc*
When using Negativo17 I never had a package called vlc, just vlc-core
and vlc-extras. The /usr/bin/vlc binary came from vlc-core. On
switching to RPMfusion I now have a package called vlc. So I wonder if
your installation is in fact from Negativo17.

I am definitely using the negativo17 packages. As a test I uninstalled the vlc and vlc-core packages via yumex, and issued the vlc command in a shell which told me it couldn't be found. I then went back into Yumex and did a search for vlc, in the list of packages returned it said that the vlc, vlc-core and vlc-extras package were from fedora-multimedia which is negativo17, it did not provide me with any reference to vlc in rpmfusion. I then installed vlc, vlc-core and vlc-extras (I didn't have this one previously), ran vlc from the shell, and it work as I documented previously. I have also checked on the negativo17 physical repository and negativo17 does actually provide packages vlc, vlc-core and vlc-extras. Looking at the file list from vlc and vlc-core, the vlc package may not need to be installed. The vcl package provides files in /usr/bin of qvlc and svlc, where the vlc-core package provides files in /usr/bin of cvlc, nvlc, rvlc, vlc and vlc-wrapper. I haven't yet tried the vlc functionality after uninstalling all 3 packages and just installing vlc-core and vlc-extras.

I've also checked the physical rpmfusion repository and their free repository also has packages vlc, vlc-core and vlc-extras, but they are named differently to the negativo17 ones so there is no confusion as to which is which. What I don't know yet is why a vlc search in Yumex doesn't show me the rpmfusion ones? Particularly given that dnf info vlc tells me the installed vlc package is from fedora-multimedia and there is a vlc package available from rpmfusion-free-updates and there is a source package available from fedora-multimedia-source, which is what dnf told before I did the uninstall and re-install.



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