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> >  
> IMO, I feel the problem with using the Fedora name in a repo or site makes 
> people
> think it is formally affiliated with and endorsed by The Fedora Project.  
> Companies
> such as Disney, Apple, Samsung, and others go to great lengths to protect 
> their
> brand.  Why should Fedora be any different?

Because Linux companies are not as anal as other companies?

Because Linux users who add repos to their yum.repo dirs in /etc do
that on their own account? And because they know what they do, and maybe
have a look at it after adding it?

And last not least: because nowadays there are too many self-proclaimed
nannies out on the streets anyways - so I'm really happy to not see them
around in Linux land ....

Yes we make mistakes. I'll probably make hundreds more of them until
the end of my life. My responsibility. Not Fedora's.

Keep the nannies out. At least keep them very far away from our
computers. Please.

Wolfgang Pfeiffer
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