On 02/19/2018 06:04 AM, Ed Greshko wrote:
On 02/19/18 21:51, Ranjan Maitra wrote:
What do these mean, and what is the needed mitigation, if any?

Basically, it means that everything that can currently be done to lessen the 
of a security breach is being done.

Otherwise you may see something like...

Mitigation: Full generic retpoline - vulnerable module loaded


In earlier email in this thread, you stated:

   Yes.  As long as you don't have kernel modules which were built with
   a non-patched gcc.

   ls /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*

   cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*

This file is new to me ... do you happen to know about when it was introduced and if there is any documentation on it (I couldn't find anything but I feel I was grasping in the dark as I must be missing something).

From what I can tell in this thread, this is a good new addition


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