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> > Some Windows 10 versions have Windows Subsystem for Linux.
> This is an horrible solution.
> I can not understand how this can be suggested in this ML

The majority of student labs have Windows, so if your students need
software that is only available on linux, your choices are VM's or WSL.
Typical configurations, e.g., 4G RAM impose severe limits on VM's.
WSL has other limitations.

> How do you can trust what does ( spy?) windows under Linux?
> How can you write a passphrase in Linux and be sure that Windows does
> not capture it?
> You can not.

For business IT, nobody gets fired when Windows screws up.  Corporate IT
needs to pass blame up to a legal entity (e.g., Microsoft, Apple, or a paid
distro) with contractual obligations.

WSL is not for people who have very high security requirements, nor are
linux distros.

> If you want use Linux on a Computer you must be remove Window from it,
> or reduce Windows partition and install Linux in dual boot, in addition
> to the solutions proposed by poc

> Another way to use Linux on a PC without remove Windows is install
> Linux on a USB-3 key and boot on this PC form it.

Most student labs will not permit booting anything but the approved
Windows configuration.  For people whose work depends on access to
business applications and the corporate Windows network,
dual boot cuts the user off from important business tools.

Students who are introduced to linux in courses may go on to work
with linux on cloud services without ever booting linux on a PC or
using a linux GUI.   In my workplace, IT is constantly asking us to
justify our use of linux, and are amazed to learn that there
are "mission critical" applications that don't run on Windows.

Currently, we live with an unhealthy situation where the majority
of computer users think the world runs on Windows with a few
Macs for the 1%.  They have no idea that many of the services
they use are running on linux, or that there are ways to work
more effectively using command-line tools and batch processes
than some GUI.   People whose only experience with computers
has been with Windows Desktops are running large and small
enterprises and government departments and agencies.  Like
the parable of the blind men and the elephant, you can't
expect people with such narrow views of computing to make
good decisions.  It is worth noting that some of the
most successful companies today are run by people who do have
a more balanced experience.  People who understand this
will welcome any opportunity to expose Windows users to
some of the things they are missing.

George N. White III
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