On 02/22/18 01:14, Samuel Sieb wrote:
I like to use livecd-iso-to-disk from the livecd-tools package.  It unpacks the iso onto a USB drive with lots of useful options.

I had installed livecd-tools before posting my query here but could not get it to work?

Media-writer appears to be the new name of the livecd-creator application. I installed and used that to create a Fedora27-live on the external usb hard drive. It was no better than the thumb drive, it seems this ASRock QC5000-itx-wifi board wont boot from a usb port and I have not been able to start it with the cmos-boot menu. I suspect it needs to be reset for usbboot?

I don't think I ever tried this with this board before, I believe it was a replacement I used for a failed motherboard and it just worked with the existing hard drives and Fedora21. Now I have a problem. I guess the solution will be another board, not the same brand!

Thanks to all responding,


Bob Goodwin - Zuni, Virginia, USA
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