Beartooth wrote:

> I'm running F27, fully updated; but my query has to do with a
> phenomenon I've been noticing for years. It's probably innocuous, but I'd
> be glad of reassurance about that.
> Let me say in advance that I realize any application I launch may
> itself launch others, without telling me; and I'm fine with that.
> I use very little of KDE; when trying to do a lean fresh install,
> I look only for Konqueror and k3b. But dnf soon begins to list dozens of
> KDE apps as upgrades.

KDE frameworks (libraries?) updates?
> Today I got a sidelight on this habit. I had somehow (certainly
> not by any conscious decision of mine) managed to install speech-
> dispatcher, and tried to remove it. Dnf proposed to take away most of KDE
> along with it, including k3b and Konqueror.

That will be removable as soon as the update referenced earlier in this 
thread is available to you (it's in -testing now, stable updates hopefully 

-- Rex
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