On Fri, 2018-03-02 at 11:08 -0800, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> They are all in the headers:
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> Depending on your mail client it may or may not show them somehow
> outside that.

Essentially, hidden, and unusable to a lot of people.  Since they're
not visible, most people won't even know about them to go looking for
them, there.  Many people will not be able to do anything with them,
even if they can find them.

Don't expect anything other than software to make use of mail headers. 
The mail headers are for programs to use, not people.

And it doesn't save any bandwidth by taking things out of the message
body and stuffing them into the header.  At the very least, there ought
to be one web address in the message footer that lets a person manage
their mail subscription (an address that takes them to a page where
they can subscribe, access the archives, etc., like the messages used
to have).

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