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> Instead of upgrade, I did install LightDM, then stop-disable
> gdm.service and enable lightdm.service, then I did boot Fedora without
> "nomodeset" kernel parameter and the result was LightDM ran on the
> highest resolution supported by the monitor, 1920x1080, but like the
> past, none of the available sessions can't start, I did reboot again
> without "nomodeset" and log-in as normal user in one TTY then `startx'
> the below log is for this:
> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/HlME-Kh45WrnP8tkA02fdw

This seems strange
RADEON(0): Setting screen physical size to 508 x 285
but everything else looks good right up until you switch back to a
virtual console.  So, I think there is an error in the startup of the
gnome desktop you are using.  Can you try another desktop?  The lightest
weight desktop available is LXDE, so it wouldn't take a lot of
installs.  And, because it is so simple, it is likely to be less
affected by any conflicts that are affecting your gnome desktop.

I think there is also a way to tell Gnome to run X instead of wayland
from the desktop manager.  Have you tried that?

When the desktop fails to start, and you switch to a virtual console,
if you run journalctl -r (reverse) there should be an indication of what
went wrong with the desktop startup also.

Here's another method.  Boot into runlevel 3.  Then run the commands
below in your home directory.  This boots Gnome directly into X.  The
advantage here is that the errors will display in the terminal if Gnome
fails to start.

echo '#! /bin/bash' > $XCLIENTS
echo ' ' >> $XCLIENTS
chmod +x $XCLIENTS
echo 'GSESSION="$(type -p gnome-session)"' >> $XCLIENTS
echo 'exec $GSESSION' >> $XCLIENTS

> you can see them in log files in the line begins with "Kernel command
> line"
> "....  ro nomodeset rhgb quiet LANG=en_US.UTF-8"

If this were a kernel problem, it might be worthwhile to remove quiet,
but for the actual issue this line is fine (you might want to
permanently remove the nomodeset, though, since your card supports

> > What is the resolution on the virtual console when you boot into
> > runlevel 3?  
> the highest resolution supported by the monitor, 1920x1080

Your kernel and driver are just fine.  You can confirm by running
lsmod | grep radeon
and seeing radeon show up.

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