On Tue, 6 Mar 2018, Ed Greshko wrote:

> On 03/06/18 20:34, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >   i'm curious about RH packaging policy that dictates that some
> > command variants are packaged for fedora to install with symlinks
> > and others with hardlinks.
> I may be out of line here.  It is just that I too am curious.
> A short while back you asked a question about "user profiles" and
> you did mention it was due to being "handed a linux course to teach
> for a new client".  Is this part of the same effort?

  these recent questions are definitely inspired by the 5-day course i
taught last week, which ostensibly prepares students to write a couple
exams to get their LPIC-1 certification through comptia, after writing
and passing two exams:


  a lot of the material was stuff i was intimately familiar with, but
every so often, such as when i was presenting the section on links,
i'd suggest that links were used to support alternate commands for
closely-related commands, and i'd show, say, what was under /usr/bin,
and i'd suddenly get caught up short as i noticed there were both
symlinks and hardlinks, and i had no explanation as to the rationale
for the choice between the two, because it had never occurred to me to
look that closely before. (in my defense, this was on centos 7, which
i don't normally use, but i'm seeing a lot of the same on fedora 27,
so the questions still apply.)

  hence, the spectacularly pedantic questions the last couple of days
-- there's nothing like trying to explain what you *think* you know
everything about to relative linux newbies, only to trip over
something trivial and mutter, "huh ... i don't recall ever seeing
*that* before."

  so there's probably more admittedly trivial questions coming, but
only because i'm being forced to look more closely at things than i
have in a long time.

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