Good morning,

When I try to sign in to a (verizon) yahoo e-mail account via Thunderbird, it 
takes several seconds to get a response, then I often get this error message:
The current operation on 'Inbox' did not succeed.  The mail server for account
[my e-mail account] responded: [CLIENTBUG] SELECT Command is not valid in this
I then have to exit Thunderbird, and sign in again to all the accounts I want 
to connect to.  I usually have to do this 2-4 times before it finally downloads 
the folder structure and message headers successfully (though v-e-r-y slowly).  
I experience this problem randomly but frequently (almost daily) with all 6 of 
my (verizon) yahoo accounts.  My incoming server is set to 
""; my outgoing server is set to 
""; connection security is set to "SSL/TLS".

Yahoo e-mail does not work properly in my browser, so that's not a good 
work-around.  I've checked both yahoo and Thunderbird on-line help; I get 
nothing really helpful, though I notice the problem is not unique to me.

What's the real cause of this problem, and what do I fix it?

Thank-you for your help.
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