On 03/07/18 11:16, Ed Greshko wrote:
> On 03/07/18 07:04, Chris Caudle wrote:
>> Could be the case that AUTOCONF and DHCPv6 are mutually exclusive now.
>> I have a CentOS 7.4 machine which seems to be running correctly with both 
>> IPV6_AUTOCONF=yes and DHCPV6C=yes, but that distribution has dhclient 
>> provided by dhclient-4.2.5-58.el7.centos.1 and Fedora 27 is using rhclient 
>> from dhcp-client-4.3.6-9.fc27.  Could be changed behavior between 4.2 and 
>> 4.3 of dhclient.
>> Against that hypothesis is that the dhclient did log that it was requesting 
>> on the second interface, which has the same settings in the ifcfg file.  
>> I'll try some different settings tonight.  I'm pretty sure that the current 
>> version of the file was hand edited, I have used nmcli and nmtui in the past.
>> I just edited the connection with nmtui and it did use only the autoconf 
>> directive, not the dhcp, so I will see if that worked.  It did not just from 
>> restarting NetworkManager, I will have to try later bringing the interface 
>> down all the way and restarting.  I am connected over that network via ssh 
>> currently so I can't easily shut it down.
> FWIW, I manually added DHCPV6C=yes to a config file on a VM.  As I mentioned, 
> my
> router can only support one address assignment method at a time and it is 
> configured
> for "stateless".
> With that said, the only message that appears in the journal is...
> Mar 07 11:02:24 f27k.greshko.com NetworkManager[811]: <info>  
> [1520391744.1479]
> dhcp-init: Using DHCP client 'dhclient'
> There is no indication from the status of NetworkManager that /sbin/dhclient 
> was ever
> started and it isn't running.
> So, if your router is configured for "stateful (dhcp)" it is possible it won't
> simultaneously support "stateless".  Therefore I would try...
> DHCPV6C=yes

Oh, for completeness I went back to my VM and configured my interface with


And this is running....

/sbin/dhclient -d -q -6

But I have no global IPv6 address since there is no dhcpv6 server available.

If simple questions can be answered with a simple google query then why are 
there so
many of them?

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