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> On 03/06/18 22:30, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >   so there's probably more admittedly trivial questions coming, but
> > only because i'm being forced to look more closely at things than i
> > have in a long time.
> OK.  Then I feel compelled to ask the following in the spirit of
> full-disclosure.
> In answering these queries are we contributing information to your
> knowledge base
> that will be incorporated into a course for which you'll be compensated?

Actually, the information could be incorporated into courses by people
lurking on the
list or maybe finding the thread using google.  Good questions are in
useful contributions, so are welcome unless they appear to come from a

> If simple questions can be answered with a simple google query then why
> are there so
> many of them?

Maybe because people have learned that answers to google queries are often
incorrect.   If there is disagreement over the answer, forums let you see
the reasoning
behind different proposed answers.  Some of the discussions in this forum
been educational.

In the interest of a full discussion, there is:

George N. White III
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