On 03/13/2018 01:44 PM, Stephen Morris wrote:
> On 14/3/18 7:19 am, Stephen Morris wrote:
>> On 13/3/18 9:05 am, Ed Greshko wrote:
>>> On 03/13/18 05:47, Ed Greshko wrote:
>>>> On 03/13/18 05:20, Stephen Morris wrote:
>>>>> Thanks Ed, I'll check the doco out, I was just expecting the
>>>>> command to do exactly
>>>>> what the help info said, output the information for all files, not
>>>>> just a subset.
>>>> It *does* do exactly what the man page says.  You just have to
>>>> understand the
>>>> "context" in which it is saying it.
>>>> Let me complete my thought.  Even take the "ls" command as an example.
>>>> [egreshko@meimei test-dir]$ ls
>>>> test  test1  test2
>>>> [egreshko@meimei test-dir]$ ls -a
>>>> .  ..  test  test1  test2  .test3  .test4  .test5
>>>> [egreshko@meimei test-dir]$ ls *
>>>> test  test1  test2
>>>> [egreshko@meimei test-dir]$ shopt -s dotglob
>>>> [egreshko@meimei test-dir]$ ls *
>>>> test  test1  test2  .test3  .test4  .test5
>>> Oh, when it comes to ls, I've been gently reminded about -A
>>> [egreshko@meimei test-dir]$ ls -A
>>> test  test1  test2  .test3  .test4  .test5
>> Thanks Ed, I knew about the differences between the -a and -A on ls,
>> and having had a look at the --help for ls and du again, I can see the
>> subtle difference between the -a parameters on both commands. It just
>> seems counter intuitive to me to have to issue another command (even
>> if one knows of its existence) to get a command to function "properly".
> I'm now completely confused. The command du -abh /home/steve/workspace
> is now displaying the information directories beginning with a '.' and
> at least some files beginning with a '.' without having issued the shopt
> command.

Because you didn't include a shell glob. You told du specifically: "show
me the disk usage of /home/steve/workspace". du then walks down THAT
directory tree and du does NOT ignore files starting with a dot.

The difference is: before you used "*" which made the shell expand the
glob (glob meaning "*") and pass a list of files to du to check, but the
important bit is that the _shell_ created the list of files and, by
default, the shell does NOT list files starting with a dot.

Does that clarify it a bit?
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