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> Since Mozilla first made Lightning built in to Thunderbird, and I learned the 
> appointments, etc. I put there are stored locally rather than somewhere on 
> the internet, I've been using that for all reminders, scheduling, etc.  So I 
> have no direct use for what the evolution-data-server is providing.   Is 
> evolution-data-server also providing anything "under the hood"?  ...like 
> interprocess communication, communication between processes and the kernel, 
> or other things not visible to me?  I wouldn't want to "hit myself" with 
> Joe's "Big Hammer", whatever that is.

As I said already, evolution-data-server does provide various services
in a Gnome desktop, not just for Evolution.

You might want to ask further on the Evolution mailing list, where
you're likely to get more informed answers. See:


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