On 04/02/2018 11:30 AM, Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
I'm the maintainer of the G4L disk imaging project since 2004, and I use
Fedora as the build platform. Currently using Fedora 27.

Have an issue from a user that has me baffled, so am hoping someone here
might provide some guidance.

The program boots a linux kernel, and basically uses dd to copy the
disk/partitions thru a compression program and creates an image file on ftp
server or local device.

I don't have any physical nvme disks, but using virtualbox I created a 4M
disk, and 2 - 2M partitions within it. In testing that, the 4M disk compresses 
a 30K file, and the 2M partitions compress to about 15K each. That is what is
expected with cleared partitions.

The user though, with a real 256G disk doesn't seem to get any compression
of the disk or partitions. Them resulting images are close to the same size as
the disks or partitions??

He can mount the partitions and see the files, so there must be something
going on that I don't see?

Would think that accessing the /dev/nvme0n1 or partitions /dev/nvme0n1p1
thru p5 would act the same as accessing /dev/sda or /dev/sdax partitions.

The images that are created pass the compression program test, so it is
reading data, but in some form that doesn't compress much, and user has
used a program to clear the unused space?

Thanks for your time, and any ideals.

Hi Michael,

This probably won't help as I don't entirely understand your

My FC27 system has a LUKS encrypted 1 GB NVMe drive.  I clone
the drive to a mechanical drive as a poor man's RAID1.  NVMe
drives don't do RAID1.

My first attempt, was booting off a Live USB and do a "dd".
It was a disaster.  Took 14 hours and did not work in the

Then I switched Clone Zilla to do the clone and it has worked
perfectly about 5 times now.  The mechanical clone drive boots
perfectly too.

Clone Zilla only takes 1:24 to clone.  It uses dd to clone LUKS
drives, so who knows why Clone Zilla's works and mine does not.

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