stan <> writes:
> On Mon, 09 Apr 2018 08:57:12 -0700
> Wolfgang S Rupprecht <> wrote:
>> How does one activate screen blanking on the vt's these days?
> I use setterm --blank=60 to prevent the screens from blanking after
> whatever the default is (10 minutes?).  I don't know where the actual
> setting is, though.  But you could put it in an rc.local file with
> whatever value you want to use so it is set on startup.


That looks like a fine solution if you are logged in on a terminal and
you want to change it for your current terminal.  I'm not sure how that
would work from rc.local.  How would I tell it to do that to all the
vt's?  (I tried the stdin and stdout as redirection targets but it
didn't seem to work.)

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