On 04/10/18 19:30, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> I've recently started experimenting with Borg as a deduplicating
> backup system ('dnf install borgbackup'). Think 'duplicity' on steroids.
> However there are many quite complex configuration options and a number
> of efforts exist to make things simpler for the average user, especially
> when setting up an automated backup regime (the only kind of backup
> that's worth a candle of course).
> One of these is a Python3 script called Borgmatic (https://torsion.org/
> borgmatic/), which is easy to install using pip3 but needs some minor
> tweaking to run on Fedora (it installs in /usr/local/bin, which is not
> in the default PATH for sudo). It would be much more elegant if this
> could be done as a proper Fedora package and installed in /usr/bin. 
> I've been in touch with the creator and although he has no issue with
> this happening he's not a Fedora user himself. I'm not volunteering to
> do it either because a) I have no experience of package creation and
> maintenance, and b) Borg itself is already maintained as part of
> Fedora, so the logical step would be for the Fedora maintainer to take
> it on. What is the approved process for suggesting this?
I don't know the "official or approved" process but looking in koji I see that
Benjamin Pereto <benja...@sandchaschte.ch> is doing all the builds and appears 
in the
changelog.  So, being the dummy I am I'd email him.  :-) :-)

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