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> Hi all,
> I have a four year old laptop that's running Fedora 27 Workstation.  If
> I leave the thing switched off and unplugged after a day it will need
> recharging by varying degrees.
> Have I missed something in the power settings or is my battery on it's
> way out?
> Thanks for looking

There should be a battery-monitor applet somewhere. I am not running
Gnome, so I don't know where it hides the battery applet, but on 
Mate its right there on the upper toolbar. In my case I can right-
click on it and one of the options there (sorry, I'm not at the laptop
right now, so this is kinda vague) one of the options there will show
you some battery stats. It will include things such as the full capacity
of the battery (when new), current capacity, current charge, and a lot
of other things. The names of those items are a bit cryptic, but it is
possible to figure them out with a little thinking.

So, if the new capacity was (say) 78, and current capacity is (say) 15,
then you know your battery is pretty much useless.

My laptop's battery (3rd-party replacement, now 3 or so years old)
still shows current max capacity at around 2/3 (or maybe 5/8) of the
new capacity, so though I miss the longer lifetime, it is still useful.

One thought, get out of the habit of leaving it plugged in all the
time, that eats lithium batteries, i.e., wears them down faster than
charging when needed.

alternatives are:
1. run on battery, plug in when discharged
2. remove battery when working at a stationary location (some laptops 
are sealed and you can't do this), charge it then remove it, put it back
in when mobile.
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